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The Whitebox Account Manager platform is our flagship product. Designed specifically to optimize the management of companies, SMEs and businesses, taking into account each of the organization's needs. A complete tool that will allow you to have greater control of the business, saving time and money.

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Your digital assistant

WAM has everything you need to manage your company: accounting records, customer and supplier management, business opportunity tracking, electronic invoicing linked to AFIP, and many more features!

How and where you want

Being a fully responsive online system, it allows you to take it wherever you go and perform any action or query from the device of your choice.

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Integration with Woocommerce

Manage products, prices and customers centrally, in addition to being able to manage orders.

Dynamic processes

Our exclusive dynamic processes module allows the management of the information of an area or section of the organization in the form of stages with specific filters in order to standardize production, administrative and quality processes.


Automate your monthly billing to clients through the services module. Make your monthly billing with a single click, alert about debt and view your agreement and contract maturities in a unified way.

Modular features

It allows adding or customizing new modules according to the particular characteristics of each company, making it a flexible system, with the ability to adapt to almost any type of organization.

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